The Secret of Panj-Pyare

Panj Pyare

Panj Pyare – The Beloved Five

On the Vaisakhi day of the year 1699, Guru Gobind Singh held a major social event at Anandpur. It was held at a place where now stands the Gurdwara named Kesgarh. After the morning administration, he stood up, drew his sword, and said so anyone might hear, ‘Is there anybody here prepared to set out his life at my call? This sword of dig is sobbing for the blood of a dear Sikh of mine.’ At this call the entire get together was loaded with dread and surprise. The Guru continued rehashing his interest for the leader of a dear Sikh. At the third call, Bhai Daya Ram got up and offered his head. The Guru maneuvered him into a tent close-by. The sound of a blow, starting at a sword cutting of man’s head, was gotten notification from inside the tent. A stream blood streamed out of the tent. The Guru turned out. He waved his sword dribbling with blood. He required another Sikh’s head. At this Bhai Dharam Das stood up and offered his make a beeline for the Guru. He was taken into the tent. Again the hints of a sword-blow and body tumbling to the ground were gotten notification from inside the tent. A new stream blood supposedly came out. Similarly, three different Sikhs stood up, consistently, and offered their heads to the Guru. They were Bhai Himmat Rai, Bhai Mohkam Chand, and Bhai Sahib Chand.

At that point dressing the five in nice looking new garments, the Guru brought them before the get together. He at that point sanctified through water them with his amrit, sweetened water mixed with a two edged sword called Khanda. He called them his cherished five. He influenced their names to end in “Singh” (Lion). They moved toward becoming : Bhai Daya Singh Ji, Bhai Dharam Singh Ji, Bhai Himmat Singh Ji, Bhai Mohkam Singh Ji and Bhai Sahib Singh Ji. At that point Guru wanted his Beloved five to get ready amrit or nectar similarly as he had done. They complied. When it was prepared, he stood up before them with collapsed hands and said. ‘Presently, my Dear Ones, submerse me as I have absolved you. Make me Singh as I have made you Singhs. Try not to feel perplexed. Try not to delay. My Dear Ones, you are my Guru. I am your Chela (follower). O my Guru, allow my demand. They complied. They sanctified through water him as he had submersed them. He expressed gratitude toward them and stated, “Now my name isn’t Gobind Rai, yet Gobind Singh.”

Having offered their heads to the Guru in light of his astonishing call, they moved toward becoming saints. From that day they were living saints. They turned into his, body and soul. They stayed with him to the finish of their natural lives. Their names have turned out to be undying. They will be recognized as long as the Singh people group endures. They are recollected day by day, morning and night, in each place where a Sikh lives. Each time a Sikh discusses the Sikh supplication, he rehashes their names. Each time Karah Parshad is disseminated in a Sikh assemblage, their offer is taken out before dispersion among the people exhibit there.

Very little is thought about their initial existences of the Beloved Five. What is thought about them is given to sum things up beneath.

Bhai Daya Singh Ji

Bhai Daya Singh was a child of Mayea Ram Ji, a Khatri of Lahore. His mom’s name was Sobha Deyi Ji. He was conceived in 1668 A.D. In the wake of taking Amrit, he moved toward becoming Bhai Daya Singh. He was delegated the pioneer of the Beloved Five.

He went with the Guru to the finish of his life. He took a courageous part in the Guru’s wars. In December 1704, the Guru was influenced by the Beloved Five to leave Chamkaur Sahib. Bhai Daya Singh was doled out the obligation of going with the Guru. It was Bhai Daya Singh who took the Guru’s letter called Zafarnama to Aurangzeb. The sovereign was then in Deccan (South). The adventure was troublesome, unsafe and long. On experiencing the letter the ruler was noticeably moved. He seemed, by all accounts, to be anxious and upset. He wound up plainly bothered and irate. Yet, the last stood quiet and unafraid. He at that point said. ‘O sovereign, simply think about the savage, brutal wrongs that you and your men have done to the Guru. Regardless of all that, he was taken the fearlessness to keep in touch with you and to give you sound exhortation. He has endeavored to uncover himself to you, to influence you to perceive what you are in your prophet’s eyes, to influence you to acknowledge how your activities repudiate your callings. He possesses the position of authority of Baba Nanak, before whom your precursor, Emperor Babar, bowed and petitioned God for endowments. He has the ability to make and unmake rulers; for he is ever tuned in to the Almighty father. You will be all around encouraged to look for his companionship. You, as well, should look for his favors. He can give you what your extraordinary victory and your wide realm have neglected to give you. He will give you true serenity. I feel that it is genuine feelings of serenity that you now require more than whatever else. On the off chance that you go and see him, he will stretch out his adoration and generosity to you. He will overlook and excuse every one of the wrongs done to him. He is as excusing and kind as God; for God stays in him and he ever lives in God.’

Bhai Daya Singh’s lead resembled bearding the lion in his own particular sanctum. You know he was one of the Guru Gobind Singh’ lions. His words mollified the head. He stated, ‘The Guru’s letter and your words have opened my eyes. I now understand that I have done him much off-base. I now understand that he is a dear one of Almighty Allah. I am nearing the finish of my life’s adventure. I might soon need to render a record of my doings. I shiver to think what the decision of the colossal, All-knowing, All-adoring Judge will be. The Guru can help me. He has welcomed me to see him. I long to see him. Be that as it may, I am wiped out, maybe on my demise bed. I can’t go to him. Backpedal to him and demand him to see me. He has guaranteed to do as such in this letter.’ The head at that point requested his men to treat Daya Singh with benevolence and respect. He himself gave a robe of respect on the Guru’s intense and intrepid dispatcher. For his arrival travel, he gave him a parwana (chit) of safe direct. It was a request to his authorities in transit back to see that the holder was all around treated, and that no damage of any sort ought to be done to him. In light of that illustrious chit, Bhai Daya Singh could travel mor securely and all the more rapidly. On achieving the Guru’s quality, he conveyed to him the ruler’s message. To that he included his own suggestion. The Guru consented to see the feeble ruler. Bhai Daya Singh went with the Guru to Nanded in the Deccan. He kept on serving him with most extreme fondness and commitment. He kicked the bucket there in 1708.

Bhai Dharam Singh Ji

Bhai Dharam Das was the second of the five Sikhs who offered their heads to Guru Gobind Singh on the Vaisakhi day of 1699. He was conceived at Delhi in the time of 1670. His dad’s name was Param Sukh Ji and mother’s name was Ananti Ji. He was Jat by station. On taking Amrit, he moved toward becoming Bhai Dharam Singh. He went with the Guru to the finish of his life He took a saint’s part in the Guru Gobind Singh’s wars. At the point when the Guru was influenced to leave Chamkaur Sahib in 1704, the Beloved Five there appointed Bhai Dharam Singh the obligation of running with the Guru. He went with the Guru to Nanded, Deccan. He served him with most extreme friendship and commitment. He kicked the bucket there in 1711.

Bhai Himmat Singh Ji

Bhai Himmat Rai was the third Sikh to offer his go to Guru Gobind Singh on the Vaisakhi day of 1699. His Father, Mal Deo Ji, was a water-transporter of Jagannath. His mom’s name was Srimati Lal Dei Ji. He was conceived in the year 1664 in Jagannath. He was, subsequently, around thirty-five years of age upon the arrival of his getting to be noticeably one of the Beloved Five. On taking Amrit, he progressed toward becoming Bhai Himmat Singh. He stayed with the Guru to the finish of his life. From the start he served the Guru most steadfastly and affectionately. He additionally had a gallant impact in the Guru’s wars. He passed on battling at Chamkaur Sahib on December 22, 1704.

Bhai Mohkam Singh Ji

Bhai Mohkam Chand was the fourth Sikh who offered his make a beeline for the Guru Gobind Singh on the Vaisakhi day of 1699. He was conceived in the year 1669. His dad’s name was Jagjeevan Rai Ji and mother’s name was Sambhli Ji. His dad was a washer man of Dawarka. On taking Amrit, he moved toward becoming Bhai Himmat Singh. From that point he stayed with the Guru. He had a courageous influence in Guru Gobind Singh’s wars. He kicked the bucket battling at Chamkaur Sahib on December 22, 1704.

Bhai Sahib Singh Ji

Bhai Sahib Chand was simply the fifth to meet all requirements for being one of the Guru Gobind Singh’s Beloved Five. He was destined to Sri Gur Naarayan Ji, a stylist of Bidar, in the year 1675. His mom’s name was Ankampa Ji. He came to Guru at 11 years old. On taking Amrit, he moved toward becoming Bhai Sahib Singh Ji. He stayed with the Guru finally. He battled courageously in the Guru’s wars. He kicked the bucket battling at Chamkaur Sahib on December 22, 1704.

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