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Bhai Gurdial Singh Ji (Tande Wale)

Sant Gurdial Singh did seva with Sant Balwant Singh Urh Murh Tande Vale (not siorhey wale). Sant Balwant Singh used to live in Maksoodra and did not have vision in their worldly eyes. Sant Balwant Singh were a very blessed gursikh. Sant Balwant Singh were shot during a divan and I will relate the story below. They used to make the sevadars wake up every morning at 2am. If someone did not wake up before 2, that person was made to recite some gurbani and was not given any food to eat until late in the day. One morning babaji started talking about death. THey said that there is need for some pure blood to be spilt in order to calm the chaos that was happening during that time in punjab, in 1991. And that there are only a few blessed souls at that time that can do this. THey told the singh that used to announce the programs not to say anything about any future programs.

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