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Sant Waryam Singh Ji (Ratwara Sahib Wale)

Saints with realized soul are very rare in this world. It is really a very difficult task to write of their life sketch. They look like any ordinary person but are internally merged with the super cosmic energy. An ordinary person as mentioned in Gurbani (Holy script) cannot describe their spiritual experiences An attempt has been made to bring out the important events in the life of Sant Ji 'Waryam Singh Ji' who is also the Founder and Head of Vishav Gurmat Roohani Mission Charitable Trust, Ratwara Sahib. He was born on June 17, 1918 in Dhamot, Tehsil Pyal, Dist. Ludhiana in Punjab. His father Sardar Kartar Singh and mother Mata Inder Kaur both were religious and deeply connected to Sikh way of life. He got baptized (amrit paan) at the age of four years. He started reciting Gurbani, meditation and Jap (repetition) of Guru Mantra (Waheguru) while studying in the school life. He passed his matriculation examination in the year 1934. He joined Purison Commercial College and did the course of steno and telegraphy. He was hardly 17 years old when his mother took him to Rara Sahib to introduce him to Sant Isher Singh Ji. At the very first sight of the Holy Saint, he surrendered himself totally. He felt the abode of God in him and started listening the cosmic music within him. The Holy Saint went into deep meditation for 40 minutes after hearing his answer to the question. "Who are you and where do you come from?" The Holy Saint remarked "For the first time ever, my wedded soul has met another wedded soul, so far I have been meeting widows. You have to take just one step to completely merge with the super cosmic energy." These remarks had a great impact on him as mentioned in Gurbani

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