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  • Event Name: Demo
  • Duration: weekly
  • Day: Saturday
  • Location: Demo
  • Start Time: 1:07AM
  • End Time: 3:07AM

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Kavishar Bhai Joga singh jogi

Joga Singh 'Jogi' is a legendary and globally renowned singer of the Kavishri form. Along with 3 accompanists he sings tales of Sikh valour. He was originally known as Doola Singh, but according to him, after he took a sip of amrit (ambrosia) on 15th August 1947, everyone started calling him 'Joga Singh', and then 'Jogi' . Now he is known all over the world as Joga Singh 'Jogi'. He was about 14-15 years old then, and started singing soon after the incident. A very dynamic form, the Kavishri is traditionally practiced without any instruments. The accompanists provide the feel of instruments with their voices. Joga Singh Jogi has travelled all over the world performing, is a dedicated teacher, and has hundreds of disciples. Lakhs of his audio cassettes have been sold in over 100 countries. Perhaps he holds a record in Punjab for recording the most hours of music - 80 hours!

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