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About Us

This Gurudwara Sahib is the center of the local Sikh community, spreading the values of Sikhism and fulfilling the religious needs of the community. People from a radius of around 35kms come here every Sunday and Wednesday, for the diwans (Prayers). This Gurudwara Sahib offers some free facilities to the public, such as the use of the kitchen, Van for Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, and accommodation.


Sri Guru Singh Sabha originated in 1977 and the weekly diwans of the SGSS Gurudwara started in a high school in Tyler Street, Preston. In 1989, the constitution of Sri Guru Singh Sabha was rewritten.
The place where Gurudwara Sahib now stands was bought in April 1992. The foundation stone of Gurudwara Sahib was laid in 1993 by the congregation and the first diwan was held at the site in a tent.
In the year 1991, the collection campaign for construction started with the contributions from Sangat in UK , New Zealand, Canada and Australia.

In 1994 as the kitchen and langar hall were ready, the weekly diwans were held in the langar hall. However, the construction plans had to be amended further in 1996 so the construction of the remaining steel structure restarted in 1997. It is still in progress under the follow-on committee elected every year.
This Gurudwara was designed keeping in mind the traditional design and structure of the Indian Historical Gurudwaras, which will be prominent in the special design of the Gurudwara building. The completed Gurudwara building has a 25m x 40m hall, a library, a small hall, an office on level 1 and langar hall, kitchen and residence for raagis on the ground floor.