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Bhai Tajvinder Singh ji (Hazoori Ragi Shri darbar Sahib)

Tajvinder Singh was born on July 22, 1985 in Hollywood, California, United States. Raised in a very religious environment, he began his schooling in Kerman, California and at the age of thirteen, attended middle school at St. Mary's School in Delano, California. Tajvinder Singh took amrit at the age of 13 at the Bakersfield Sikh Temple in California and having gained an interest in Kirtan and table he began attending Gurmat camps; something he has continued to do ever since. While he was in the 10th grade, his family moved to Northern California, setting up home in Elk Grove; a suburb of the California's State Capital of Sacramento. After graduating from Elk Grove High School in 2003, Tajvinder enrolled in California State University, Sacramento where he pursued a BA (Bachelor of Arts) in Ethnic Studies. By the time he was 21, Tajvinder Singh had been performing free Kirtan seva on stages across California, becoming a well known and respected ragi in Gurdwaras across the state. Having performed Kirtan and played tabla with many ragis and professors from all over the world, his ever growing talent has earned Tajvinder Singh trophies and awards from classical Kirtan and classical tabla competitions across California. He also served as a Kirtan and tabla teacher at many Gurmat youth camps in California. Along with Kirtan and tabla, Tajvinder Singh can also play the dholki, surmandal, and sitar. He learned the sitar under Ustad Jyoti Kaur.

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