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  • Event Name: Demo
  • Duration: weekly
  • Day: Monday
  • Location: Demo
  • Start Time: 3:08AM
  • End Time: 5:08AM

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Bhai Tejinder Singh Ji (Khanna Wale)

hai Tejinder Singh was born on Oct 8th, 1969 at Khanna, Punjab. He was born and brought up in a gursikh family with strong religious values. He had a keen interest in kirtan from the very childhood. At an age of 6 years he went to a kirtan samagam with his mother, where a singhni was performing kirtan. He persistently asked her mother to learn kirtan from her. After the kirtan that singhni told Bhai sahib "I will teach you kitan in a short while, you wait for me in Guru sahib's room". Singhni got busy with sangat and forgot young Tejinder Singh who waited there for about 3 hours and finally slept there with an arm on harmonium. When she suddenly remembered, she found Tejinder Singh waiting for her to learn kirtan. Tejinder Singh woke up and asked her to teach kirtan. The lady went emotional and prayed to Guru Sahib for "kirtan di daat" to Tejinder Singh. This was how it begun. Soon, Bhai sahib started to kept busy with harmonium all for long hours daily. A total of 5 albums have been prepared so far. All of them have had a great success. His 6 album will soon ready for sangat. Visitors can listen to his kirtan in albums section.

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