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Bhai Amandeep singh Ji (Amritsar wale)

Bhai Amandeep Singh , the name which is near to the heart of all the kirtan lovers. Bhai sahib ji joined the company of Bhai Guriqbal Singh ji in 1991 and become their devotee. After falling in the sangat of Guriqbal Singh ji his life changes a lot. After that he took Amrit and become a ‘Singh’. In 1994 he started doing kirtan with jatha of Bhai Guriqbal Singh ji. After a span of six years ie. in the year 2000 he became married to Bibi Gagandeep Kaur. She was also a true devotee of God. As the time passes with the God’s grace he become a famous kirtan jatha. Now these days he is doing kirtan and prachar in different countries. As we all know that in Dhan Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji it is written that “ SANT SAHAI JEE KE , BHAVJAL TAARANHAAR” The same has happened with Amandeep Singh in the Sangat of Bhai Guriqbal Singh ji .. He is the Nishkaam Kirtani Jatha of Mata kaulan Ji Taksaal.. All the maya which is offered as kirtan sewa is sent to Mata Kaulan Ji Bhalai Kender Trust.

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